High-quality cable poles from Finnish pine

We manufacture high-quality pine wood conductor poles and conduct a wood procurement business

We are a company specializing in the manufacture of pine wood poles, i.e. electricity and telephone poles. Our customers are mainly impregnation companies operating abroad. More than 70 years of experience in the pole industry can be seen in the quality of our work. The poles are manufactured according to exact quality standards and the customer’s wishes. With us, you can rely on the high level of products and services, not forgetting punctual deliveries.

Pine wood poles

We manufacture pine wood conductor poles, i.e. electricity and telephone poles. We handle the transportation of the conductor poles in accordance with the customer's wishes, safely and reliably on schedule. We have all the necessary certificates as proof of the quality of our work and products.

Wood procurement

We get the pole blanks through our partners, mainly from Savonlinna and surrounding municipalities. Pine forests of the dry fabric type are the most suitable sites in terms of obtaining high-quality pole blanks. We are always interested in new partners.

Pine poles have significant advantages

Pine's environmental and climate friendliness

• Climate emissions are lower, carbon dioxide binds to wood
• Reuse is possible after using the conductor pole
• Durable, renewable natural material is used
• Lighter to transport and fewer emissions from logistics

The pine pole is easy and durable in its intended use

• Long service life, the life cycle is 40-80 years
• Can withstand heavy loads
• Easy to install, work and equip
• Naturally insulates electricity and is safe

Pentti Heinonen Oy is a manufacturer of long-line conductor poles

Pentti Heinonen Oy has been a manufacturer of pine wood conductor poles for several decades. The skill has been passed down from father to son over the years and currently the work is being done in the 3rd generation. For more than 60 years, our company has an unbroken chain of exporting wooden poles made of domestic pine to foreign impregnation houses. We deliver some through our domestic partners.

Pine poles are available in lengths of 6 to 24 meters and the top diameter is at least 12 cm. If necessary, the columns can be worked with, for example, various bevels, perforations and base rounding. The poles are produced with features according to the standard ordered by the customer. Our production chain uses a quality system. Our products have a CE mark and our wood procurement is certified in terms of chain of origin management.